Week 17, 2019 Fragmetation

April 28, 2019

Full Cycle

I believe this is a is a healthier way to evolve in a software development career. That way, one can become a more responsible and complete professional, able to be a specialist and work well in teams, along with other experts. That is what more and more companies will look in the years to come. 1

Fragmetation in The Modern Ecosystem

All these things that used to be easy in Rails take a fair bit of manual effort today because there’s not a standardized setup and eco-system. We’re spending a lot of time re-solving all these boilerplate issues that every web app needs and everyone has already solved countless times before. Part of this may be inevitable now that there’s both web and mobile frontends to think about, but I think the majority of the problem is just a result of fragmetation in the modern ecosystem. It’s no longer possible to make libraries that automatically handle all the glue code of integration into our apps because there’s no standard setup at all anymore. 2