Week 23, 2019 Simplify At Every Level

June 09, 2019

Preventing the Collapse of Civilization1

Complication accelerates knowledge loss:

  • More to know, so you can know a smaller percentage.
  • Deep knowledge replaced by trivia.
  • Good information is drowned by noise.

Technology will, by itself, degrade. We must simplify, at every level.

1.4 billion

Apple also disclosed that there were 1.4 billion active devices in the installed base as of January 2019. 2

Become More Disciplined3

  1. Finding the strong reason why. People appear to hold some willpower in reserve, conserved for future demands. The right motivation allows us to tap into those reserves and perserve even when our self-control strength has been run down.
  2. Developing discipline through singular activity. A strong motivation may only act as a buffer or a temporary solution to increase willpower and that willpower still does have a finite limit. The key to be wise with how we spend our self-discipline and to use it on singular activites and turn them into habits before moving on to another activity. When an activity becomes a habit it drains a lot less willpower.
  3. Pre-planning for temptation. An easier life requiring a lot less responsibility. One can using pre-planned decisions to avoid having to exercise willpower to resist the temptation. This is a great strategy to use when we anticipate that there will be times when temptations will arise and our willpower might be low. It’s an automatic and pre-planned response to temptation. Studies show that practicing self-discipline increases self-discipline in subsequent acts.