Week 28, 2019 Being Bored

July 14, 2019

Being Bored

Seeking relief from pain, the organism moves toward stimulus. But since there is no particular desire to approve or make active as against any other, the self falls into a hopeless struggle with itself that cannot resolve, because there is no evident raw material on which to apply the energy of resolution. Boredom is, at its simplest, a form of desire turned back upon itself, resulting in the inability to act in any purposeful or happy manner.1

Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt

FUD 最早是指 IBM 的一个销售策略,通过对客户灌输竞争产品的负面观点,在顾客头脑中注入疑惑与害怕,使顾客误以为除了该公司的产品外,他们别无其它选择。2

对于开发者,随时都能听到符合 FUD 策略的言论。比如,C++ 的复杂性,Java 的语法繁琐,Python 的 GIL 对性能的影响,PostgreSQL 的小众。几乎搜索任何技术都能找到类似的争吵。

Not One Bit Simpler

The quote often attributed to Einstein is “everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” I think the trouble was that Ive often ignored the second part of that advice in the pursuit of refinement.3