Week 32, 2019 Do Email Exactly Twice A Day

August 11, 2019

Do email exactly twice a day

I’ve disabled most of notifications of my Apps on iPhone and Mac. I feel relieved and more productive. Further, I disabled the email notification as Marc Andreessen suggested 2:

Once first thing in the morning, and once at the end of the workday. Allocated half an hour or whatever it takes, but otherwise, keep your email client shut and your email notifications turned off.

When you do process email, do it like this: First, always finish each of your two daily email sessions with a completely empty inbox. Second, when doing email, either answer or file every single message until you get to that empty inbox state of grace. Third, emails relating to topics that are current working projects or pressing issues go into temporary subfolders of a folder called Action. Fourth, aside from those temporary Action subfolders, only keep three standing email folders: Pending, Review, and Vault.

Every once in a while, sweep through your Action subfolders and dump any of them that you can into Vault.

I don’t quite understand the meaning of the Vault subfolder. Marc use Vault as an archive folder I guess. Anyway, skip Vault.