Week 33, 2019 - Write it down

Write it down

Everyone gets struck by inspiration at various times during the day. Get in the habit of writing down every random potential idea (sometimes not even a full idea, but an exploration: write down a sentence that’ll inspire you to think of the full idea). Make sure the path from thinking of the idea to memorializing it in an easily accessible way is as frictionless as possible. 1

I have adopted this method for about half year, and it really helps.

Make complicated things simple

Simplification is the most underrated trait in business. It draws your attention to basic questions like “Do people need this product?” in a way complex thinking can overlook. No matter how complex your product is, a few simple business models tend to move the needle most.

  1. Make intimidating things painless.
  2. Make boring things exciting.
  3. Make complicated things simple.
  4. Make obfuscation transparent.
  5. Make middlemen irrelevant.
  6. Make things disappear.

Detailed explanation, read here.