Week 42, 2019 - Product Engineer

A Different View on Apple and China

In most politically dicey situations, Cook has followed Roosevelt’s advice and picked engagement. While Cook has become more comfortable talking about the ideals that guide Apple’s culture such as environmental responsibility, privacy, and equality, he doesn’t weaponize them to issue ultimatums to foreign governments. Instead, Cook uses his position as CEO to explain to the world which ideals guide Apple employees and the company’s mission to create tools for people. 1

From Sherif Mansour2:

Characteristics of a product engineer:

  1. Strong opinions, loosely held
  2. Quickly build intuition
  3. Bring healthy conflict
  4. Wizards at identifying (and minimizing work) on edge-cases
  5. An overflowing cup of quick wins
  6. Seek early feedback
  7. Great communicator
  8. Take decisions and own their backlogs