Week 43, 2019 - Three Kinds of Platforms

From Marc’s article1 written in 2007:

The key term in the definition of platform is “programmed”. If you can program it, then it’s a platform. If you can’t, then it’s not.

Three kinds of platforms: Level 1: Access API. Let developer use a web services API. Level 2: Plug-In API. Let developer build new functions that can be injected to the core system and its user interface. Level 3: Runtime Environment. Let third-party application codes actually runs inside the platform.

I believe that in the long run, all credible large-scale Internet companies will provide Level 3 platforms.

Can soft skills be taught?2

Research by Google shows that3 their highest performing teams were interdisciplinary groups that benefited heavily from employees who brought strong soft skills to the collaborative process. Further research revealed that important predictors of success within Google were skills like good communication, insights about others, and empathetic leadership.

A study from MIT Sloan4 found that soft skills training – even in a factory setting – can improve work productivity in an organization. Success factors included an overall boost in worker productivity, faster turnaround on complex tasks, and even improved employee attendance.