Week 47, 2019 - The Principle of Least Resistance

Cal Newport 在《深度工作1》中提到:

最小阻力原则(The Principle of Least Resistance) 在工作环境下,若各种行为对于底线的影响没有得到明确的反馈意见,我们倾向于采用当下最简单易行的行为。



Petros Amiridis in article Basecamp’s chat sucks2:

Slack changes colleagues’ expectations in communication.

After Slack we still used GitHub Issues. Yet, people started defaulting to chat. The problem was not so much that. It was more about the new expectations. People expected almost immediate responses. Not responding immediately or within a day could label you rude or non-collaborative.

This creates stress. Can we resolve it by making rules? No.

A company cannot maintain a calm remote culture through rules only. They need to choose their tools as well.

On the other hand, if all the rules are followed, then there is no business for Slack.